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New Health, New Life!

My situation was bad before seeing Dr. MacAdam.  My daughter, Rosanna, was working for him and she'd hear about all my aches and pains. I hurt all over and I had no energy whatsoever.  My back hurt and my legs and arms hurt to the point that I was constantly depressed.

I went to my M.D. and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I had never heard of before.  I thought I was going to die.

My daughter convinced me to see Dr. MacAdam and I did.  I went not really believing he could help me.  I went as a last resort.  I went to him with a lot of pain that not even the medicine my M.D. gave me helped.  I went with doubt.

I've been going to Dr. MacAdam eleven months now, and I have been a changed person.  I thank God and my daughter who came across Dr. MacAdam.  The Lord does things His way.  I no longer have the pain I did one year ago.  I would say I feel 96% better.  I can get up in the morning and start with a prayer of thanks that the pain is gone.  I look forward to my adjustments because I feel so much better afterwards.  I have more movement of my body and my mind is healthier, too.  I can start the day with thanks to God and a smile.

One thing I want to say is that the staff in the office are outstanding and they make you feel like family.  It is worth going for my adjustments even though my daughter no longer works there.  Thank you, Dr. MacAdam.  You've been blessed with the knowledge of chiropractic.

Rosemarie Ortiz