Headaches, Low Back Pain, Stiff Neck

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I Threw Away My Advil!

I came to Dr. MacAdam with constant headaches, lower back pain and tightness in my neck muscles. For the headaches, I was taking anywhere from four to eight Advil a day -- usually eight on a bad day and four on a good day.  Good days were few and far between.

My stiffness in my neck restricted my driving and made it difficult to turn my head to the side and hurt every morning when I got up.  My lower back pain kept me from bending over very much and didn't let me sleep more than four to five hours at night.

After I started care with Dr. Mac, I rarely take Advil and really don't remember my last headache (and that was only after two months of adjustments).  My stiffness in my neck is almost 70% cured, thanks to the adjustments and getting massage therapy once a week.  Also, my lower back pain is almost gone, except a little in the morning when I first wake up.  But, if I do my stretches before I get out of bed, the back pain disappears.

So, I have to say that seeing Dr. MacAdam for chiropractic care has made a huge difference in my life…especially eliminating the Advil.

Sharon Corey